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scorchy posting in The MINMI-Loving Community
User: minmi_love (posted by scorchy96)
Date: 2007-04-19 17:02
Subject: MINMI news
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Aah, it's sad that this com is so small because Minmi is so great and...I need some Minmi fans to talk to XD

Hn, the com hasn't been uploaded in a while I figured I'd go through the news on her website and post a truncated version of it all. Most of it is related to new releases (sadly, nothing on a new album yet) but I think she's gearing up for some sort of a new release soon. She was in The Caribbean a little while ago and came back towards the end of January. I'm pretty sure she did some sort of recording in The Caribbean and definitely performed and partied quite a bit (there are tons of posts about it on her blog which you can view here)

Releases CD (newest to oldest)
2007.04.18 - "Dream Lover - INFINITY 16 welcomez Shonan no Kaze, MINMI, MOOMIN

2007.04.05 - MINMI "Sha na na -Japanese wine-" (available here only, no international downloads)

2007.03.27 - m-flo - "COSMICOLOR" track 15 Lotta Love - m-flo ♥ MINMI

2007.02.21 - "RED SPIDER: Bakusou Angel~ALL JAPANESE REGGAE DUB MIX CD~" MINMI on tracks: 2. ARE YU READY - MINMI & RYO the SKYWALKER, 17.SPIDER CITY(ROCK CITY 3) - MINMI & KENTY GROSS, 16. Spider Time (Sumertime!!) - MINMI & KENTY GROSS, 18.MISSING YOU - MINMI, 25.Spider (Aira) - MINMI

2006.7.20 - m-flo inside -WORKS BEST II- one track Lotta Love - m-flo loves MINMI

Releases (DVD)
2007.03.22 - "SunSet Live 2006" - live DVD with 2 MINMI performances: I Love You Baby and Summertime!! (Mecha Yabai Ver.)

2006.11.10 - MINMI Natural Show Case 2006 In Zepp Tokyo (DVD - E.P. available from iTunes Japan)

2006.11.16 - MIGHTY JAM ROCK presents HIGHEST MOUNTAIN 2006 (DVD) - live performances of Shiki no Uta, Imagine, I Love You Baby, and Sumertime!!
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