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User: minmi_love (posted by scorchy96)
Date: 2007-10-10 21:23
Subject: exciting MINMI news!
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Lots of really great stuff is happening in MINMI land right now! I don't know if any of you visit her blog, but she's been recording a lot lately and according to cd journal she will be releasing a new album in...NOVEMBER! It's rumored to be a concept album with the theme of love. Here is the tracklist from CDJournal:

VICL-62674 | Release Date: 21.11.2007

01.シャナナ☆(sha na na)
02.I Love You baby
03.Lotta Love/MINMI loves m-flo
05.Missing you
06.stay with me
07.愛するということ(aisuru toiu koto)
+Other songs

You can preorder from cdjapan. Please note this has NOT been announced on her homepage yet, but she has been posting a ton of photos from recording sessions lately so I'm pretty sure it will come out before the year is over. She's re-recording Christmas Song and making it into a gospel number too!

A new song was leaked recently called "So-Ko" that she recorded with Irokomanechi, which I suspect will probably appear on her new album. She was also part of another INIFINITY 16 collaboration that came out in August - she performed the first track Manatsu no Orion with 10-FEET.

Any thoughts about the upcoming album? I'm personally a bit disappointed that some of the rumored tracks have already been released and really hope that I Love You Baby, Lotta Love, and Shanana will be different than other previous releases...especially Lotta Love. It's a great song, but it really just needs to go away instead of take up space where a new track could be. There are already too many versions of it (m&M ver, yatsutaka nakata, two mflo loves MINMI, vibes mix, and short ver.)
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User: hebiichigo
Date: 2007-10-11 12:24 (UTC)
Subject: (no subject)
Ohh I can't wait! :D
To be honest I kinda wish Lotta Love wasn't on there at all XD I like the song, but... meh. I'm excited that NANDE will be on the album though. I also hope there are more new songs.
Will there be another collab with shounannokaze? Apart from the INFINITY-16 one ^^
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